Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2012



The Sniper dragon as i like to call it. high nuke against low pdef/ no dmg drop people, weak against others, and a definite buff whore...


Full Int

pretty much the only way this will work, you can go 3int/1vit but you'll need full int at the end if you want to do damage.

This class requires to be fully buffed to be efficient, self buff it can only do well in pve, but will do low dmg in pvp.

Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012


Vit Dekan
The Punching Bag of rohan, it has the 2nd highest hp in the game under defenders and it can self heal. It also has the highest spike dmg in the game which does constant dmg no matter who you hit, its damage is only lower by a few skills. In party it can be a spike killer, killing mobs in one shot, revive people and act as backup healer

Vit Knight is the best choice if for a pvp build, cause it offers the most options to kill someone

Vit Sage is good if you know how it works. Contrary to popular thinking, NO Impenetrable doesn't make vit sage better than knight. The ONLY reason you'll want to roll vit sage is for dragon wings, keep people from running away, and with your huge pool of hp, u will almost always be able to run away, cept against a ranger, also the 15 sec cd stun compared to the 30 sec cd stun DK offers.


Str Dekan

They have the 2nd highest melee in the game under the templars.... (maybe higher depending on how blunt master is) Good at both pvp and pve with any job, and you turn into a GIANT FISH!!!

Str knight is a pvp class, having the highest dps out of the 3, and still can pve very well due to high dmg and aoe.

Str sage, is the 2nd best pve class in my opinion. It can definitely hold its own in pvp and is still a good choice as a pvp class with dragon wings - mobi, and impenetrable - pdef.

Sepa is a fun unique build, it makes up for its lower dmg by using elements which helps quite well. Knight is the only good usage for sepa, while sage kinda sucks... nothing really supports sepa build.

Quest Biara Api Rohan Xor


sekilas disini saya akan membahas dan membrikan informasi tentang semua Quest yang terdapat di biara api dari nama NPC Quest Map Location dan informasi tentang opsi acc dan berbagai reward yang ada dalam Biara api....

Quest Tiket Masuk KuiL Bukit Api
1. Sacrifice of Flames ( NPC : Shu - Utusan Api ) : Mengumpulkan 20 bark.
Objek : Flame Drys, Drys of Rage, or Drys of Darkness ( 80-83 )
Lokasi : Blazing Temple ( Kuil Terbakar )
Reward : Kasa’s Command